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A Trip to the Dogg Pound - Paradox

This weekend, I piled in the car with some incredible women and took my first trip to the Dogg Pound in San Antonio, TX. As always, this will be a #NoSpoilers recount of my personal experience. Download the Anthem TV app to catch the latest episodes of Paradox on Thursday nights!

We've all been working hard to beat this year's intense Texas heat and Dogg Pound Championship Wrestling chose a phenomenal venue to allow us to do so while watching an amazing show. Big'z Burger Joint is a great multi-use facility that serves delicious food (both the chicken sandwich and burgers were A+) and has a wonderful space. The barn-like event space connected to the restaurant was cool, spacious and surrounded by a serene deck outdoors. It's definitely a different first impression than you might have at other independent shows.

Speaking of first impressions, I have immense respect for the culture that has been built within the Dogg Pound. We often talk about how wonderful it is when a promotion builds a community that feels like family but they may have set a new standard. Well before the doors opened for VIP fans, as athletes prepared for the night and promotion staff set to work, you could feel something unique that I haven't sensed elsewhere on that level. Something pure... respect, love, purpose. A sense of community and direction without some of the negative undertones that are prevalent in professional wrestling, undertones often accepted as the norm. It was a refreshing feeling and likely one of the reasons they had a full house.

Overall, this was an incredible show. It's well worth making the trip to San Antonio or downloading the Anthem TV app to catch them when they air on Thursday nights. One of my favorite things is that I was able to come in as a new fan and easily slide into their world without much background info. From the opening match, you could piece together the rivalries, pick up who was your hero and who was your villain, and get engrossed in the adventure.

My favorite matches of the night were all about character.

Ghetto Fab vs The City Bois

If someone is giving out an award for the best entrance for an Independent Wrestling Tag Team this year, I would vote a million times over for The City Bois. Bringing the Ballroom to wrestling, they created a party where everyone was invited and the fans were ready. We held up our #CityBoisApproved signs and danced alongside the energetic pair. It was fun seeing two teams that appear as near polar opposites create a flow where the differences in style & attitude complemented each other. The match left nothing wanting. It was high energy, had wonderful engagement with the audience and made great use of the space around them. The action that spilled out of the ring was well-balanced and didn't distract from the action still taking place in the ring. Where The City Bois grabbed the attention of the group at large with their contagious personalities and quick thinking action, Ghetto Fab created individualized moments with heavy hits and lots of attitude. Ghetto Fab makes being the bad guy look easy, and maybe a little bit fun. But, realistically, we all want to party with The City Bois.

Natalia Markova vs Mystii Marks

vs Hilda La Muneca

This was easily my favorite match of the night. All three of these women put it down in the ring, leaving you entertained and eager to watch the story line play out. Hilda la Muneca has developed a multi-faceted character that adapts well to the environment. Her fan engagement is impeccable, she seamlessly inserts herself into the story with anyone she's presented with and her technique is clean & fun. My first time seeing Mystii Marks, she didn't leave you a single ounce of room to question her role in the tale. All it took was a look in the direction of an overzealous fan to know who our villainess was. She presented a wonderful balance of danger and awe. Then there was Natalia, the glamorous and exemplary Women's Champion. Her technical prowess and ring awareness was more than admirable as the heroine of our story. The heroine, the villainess, and the wildcard. Who would prevail? They held you at the edge of your seat until the moment the bell rang to declare the winner.

While these were my top two matches of the night, the rest of the show was a great experience. From the indomitable strength and agility of Angel Camacho to the fierce determination of Imon, the matches were high voltage. The Dogg Pound has created a memorable program that balances the needs of the promotion, the talent and the fans while exemplifying good story telling.

10/10 would recommend and I suggest that you take a friend...

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