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Called Out by Texoma - Texoma Pro Wrestling Show Review 6/21/2024

Called Out Show Promo Flyer

Photo courtesy of the Texoma Pro Wrestling Website

Texoma Pro – Called Out – 06/21/2024

After a 2 hour drive out of DFW to Sherman Texas, I enter the Sherman Elks Lodge, and I’m greeted by the friendly twang of a woman with pale green hair, as she spots me and hollers, “I love your hair!” My travel weary self with my bubblegum pink hair, am not sure what to expect at my first Texoma Pro show. But I can say the lodge housed one of the hottest and most passionate crowds that I’ve been able to be a part of while attending Independent Wrestling shows in Texas. And that made me feel right at home.

Before the show even starts, the crowd of attendees are loud and cheerful, and everyone seemed to be in such good spirits. So, I was pleasantly surprised with how vocal everyone was at this show, and boy what a night of entertainment this one turned out to be.

This is a #spoilerfree review!

Match 1 Highlights

Dylan Scott vs. Auzzy W

The show started with the towering giant Dylan Scott, terrorizing the crowd with his braggadocio personality, as he practically threw his “friend” Max Beckett down the ramp. His opponent, young Auzzy W came out to an uproarious amount of applause and was clearly the crowd favorite. After a hard series of chops, Auzzy kept coming back for more against the titan that is Dylan Scott. Both wrestlers absolutely enraptured the crowd in this opening match.


Match 2 Highlights

Tag Team Match featuring Izzy James and Barrett Brown vs. KOA with Devion Black and Caine Carter

Izzy James and Barrett Brown go way back as tag team partners in Texas, and though both men compete quite often in singles matches, they found the time on this night to back together for a tag team match. And when they do get in the ring together, it makes for some of the best tag team matches I have ever seen. Their opponents, Devion Black and Caine Carter oozed seemingly unfazed confidence while they sauntered into the ring. The 4 men dealt out some incredibly acrobatic maneuvers, with Devion and Caine ganging up on Izzy and Barrett as they took advantage of a distracted referee here and there. The ending of the match most definitely makes me believe we will be seeing another bout between the 2 tag teams. One I am very eager to see happen!


Match 3 Highlights

Reiza entered the ring, making it quite clear she was uninterested in any of the crowd’s opinions. Calling out Killer Kate to enter the ring, this competition had nothing to do with a changing of the ownership of a belt, this was a personal battle for the 2 women. When Reiza Clarke and Killer Kate met in the ring, we saw a savage beat down from Reiza as she flung Kate about the ring and outside of it. Kate stood strong and remained tough and was raised up by the crowd around her as they cheered. It also occurred to me during this match that, the crowd remained loud, and excited throughout each match. The lull, that I am so used to happening in women’s matches especially and in general as the night goes on, didn’t happen.


Another thing that became apparent as the night went on, was the prevalence of the Gorilla Militia’s presence in Texoma Pro. They are without a doubt, a deeply beloved and revered faction in the Texas Independent scene. A faction that is headed by veteran wrestler Franco D’Angelo who was also present this night.


Match 4 Highlights

Tag Team Match Featuring Tommy Prince and Gabe Wilder vs. Kari Jai Wright and Gate Keeper with Manager Tony Snow

Tommy Prince and Gabe Wilder were without a doubt, some of the absolute favorites of the crowd this night, getting a major pop as they descended the ramp into the ring. Kari Jai Wright and Gate Keeper were menacing as they entered the ring, with their manager Tony Snow, looking a little over dressed in a purple suit and sunglasses. Tommy and Gabe were running the ring with their exuberance and energy, as Kari and Gate Keeper were their hard hitting, and dangerous competition who kept them on their toes. This match was a pure delight.


Match 5 Highlights

Sam Adonis vs. Big Sed

The final match of the night was for the Texoma Pro Heavyweight Championship Belt. Sam Adonis was despised by the crowd, dealing out terribly cruel (and admittedly quite funny and witty) insults while he was also being dealt an unending slew of heat from the crowd. Big Sed, a member of the Gorilla Militia was universally loved by the crowd. Both men were giants, and both could deal the chops, and throws while also taking them. The energy of the crowd was wild right to the very end.


In the end, I was completely and pleasantly surprised by the involvement of the Texoma Pro fans and their loyalties to the Gorilla Militia.  For this being my first Texoma pro show, I was easily persuaded into planning my return for all future shows with the promotion. For anyone in the North Texas / Oklahoma area, Texoma Pro is a wonderful promotion with some of Texas’ hottest talent.

Hop over to their website at to stay up to date on their promotion, future shows, and go follow them on their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram @TexomaPro.

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