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Lone Star Pro Wrestling: The Sunday Night Showdown to WinterWar '24

December 17th 2023 - Bedford, TX - MPX Center

It’s a week before X-mas eve and what better early gift than a night of wrestling in Bedford, TX? Lone Star Pro Wrestling is a newer promotion to the area, performing out of the Metroplex Wrestling Center in Bedford, TX since April of this year. They closed out 2023 with an 8-match countdown to “WinterWar ‘24” featuring a Guttersnake Street Fight, “Guttersnake” Izzy James v “All-Star” Matt Locke.

#NoSpoilers Lone Star will have a YouTube channel available in the new year for you to catch all the action.   

For a Sunday night, there was a decent attendance and an overall ambience of quiet excitement. The opening match of Nate Collins v Zero was a great way to warm up the crowd, especially with the seemingly unwanted surprise that we received. It was a sure sign that there were likely a few others in store. Overall, the fans were tame and on the quiet side, but the performers did an incredible job of engaging with the ones who interacted with them. It made for a few memorable moments that helped draw you into the collective.

I want to give Lone Star Pro Wrestling credit for creating a storyline and wrestling universe that seems to feel natural. It’s not just a collection of matches that loosely fit together. There were some great ones to see at this show, too. Aaron Eagle v Phil Noir left a few of us rooting for the underdog, LC Mox v Caine Carter gave me an appreciation for the power behind these athletes, and the calls for murder during the Savage King v Sky de Lacrimosa match were unhinged! There were a few conversations around cannibalism in my section that had me a bit concerned. 

I touched on how well the performers worked the somewhat tired crowd… hey, it was a Sunday night. But two matches in particular deserve some praise in that area. The Nobe Bryant v Joe Angelo Garcia and the Kari Wright v Jus Nick matches. I think it’s fair to say that Nobe Bryant has a presence about him that is hard to match, unless you put it up against someone with an ego the size of Joe Angelo Garcia. Garcia always does a fantastic job of interacting with the fans and taking advantage of his environment to play into his role. The camera may have gotten an eyeful at one point. Bryant balanced out the energy Garcia was giving off with his domineering presence. It was a fun matchup of personas. 

The Kari Wright v Jus Nick match was a whirlwind match between two men with a crazy amount of energy and character. They did a great job of playing off the room and getting the fans invested in the action. At the start of the match you thought you were rooting for one guy, but by the end of it you were rooting for both, regardless of whose side you started on.


Semi-Main Event – Barrett Brown (accompanied by Langley) v Exodus Prime v Tommy Becker

A match promo card featuring 3 wrestlers: Barrett Brown, Exodus Prime and Tommy Becker
Barrett Brown vs Exodus Prime vs Tommy Becker

This was the match that I had come to see and it didn’t disappoint. There are a couple of different story arcs happening in the universe of Lone Star Pro Wrestling and this one is a great example of how you can create something that feels almost natural. The pre-match interviews with Exodus Prime and Barrett Brown really helped set the stage for the night.

The match itself was a joy to experience. Tommy Becker is an incredible athlete to watch and you’re never quite sure what he’ll do next. Exodus is always in top form and has an air about him that draws your eye no matter where he is in the ring. Barrett uses his stage to tell a story that drives the narrative forward in a way that gets others invested. The inclusion of his trainee, Langley, was a wonderful way to blur the lines between their universe and reality. I’m looking forward to seeing how this arc progresses and who the messenger really is.

Main-Event – Izzy James v Matt Locke

Match promo card featuring two wrestlers: Matt Locke and Izzy James
Matt Locke vs Izzy James

I have to make an admission. I don’t do well with blood. I love the intensity that comes with death and hardcore matches, but the blood makes me a bit, ick. So, for this one, I leave the review of the match to my dear friend who joined me, Hollie.

“I’m a little biased because my favorite is Izzy James, but he was against Matt Locke, who is hilarious. The match was phenomenal. They were being really creative with what they had and the fans were enjoying it. Izzy was definitely the crowd favorite but Matt was loving being the heel.” – Hollie

She continued to comment that everything about the match itself was great until the end. One interesting note from our conversation was the shift of the crowd following the outcome of this match. All evening, I applauded Lone Star Pro Wrestling for their storylines but it would seem that the final twist sat heavy with the room. It wasn’t the air of disappointment that followed the outcome but genuine anger & frustration. While it’s believed that this fateful twist may be building up to a larger story arc, some of the guests expressed a lack of desire to return for future shows after such disappointment over the main event. I’ve seen fans angry about an unfair action in a storyline, but this felt a bit deeper than that. 

In all, this was a fun show to watch with engaging storylines that have potential for good build up. The card was phenomenal and featured several first time matches that introduced some of us to new faces. I’m curious to see how the ending of this show will play out in the future and I’ll be waiting expectantly for WinterWar ’24.

My next show review? DFW All-Pro's Dojo Wars IV at Haltom Theater on December 29th!

See you there!

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