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Mat War Pro Wrestling Slam and Destroy 2 Show Review

Friday May 24th, 2024 – Southside Preservation Hall

Slam and Destroy II Poster - Photo Courtesy of Mat War Pro Wrestling Facebook Page

Mat War Pro kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a series of 8 matches with some of the hottest names in the Texas independent wrestling scene. This will be a spoiler free review, please go follow the Mat War Pro Instagram page @matwarprowrestling or their Facebook page for more information to keep up to date with the developing storylines, as well as a history of the matches wins and losses! #SpoilerFree

Helio Guerrah and BenjXIII vs. Purple Haze (Prince Alexander and Stevie Hendrix)

Purple Haze is stared down by their opponents, Helio Guerrah and BenjXIII – Photo Courtesy of Mat War Pro Wrestling Instagram @matwarprowrestling

We started out the night with a high flying, energetic tag team match between Helio Guerrah and BenjXIII vs. Purple Haze members Prince Alexander and Stevie Hendrix. This was the perfect start to the show, as both teams were great at energizing everyone in the venue. The crowds’ favorite in this match was Purple Haze, as the audience chanted and cheered their name many times throughout the match.

One thing to note about both teams was their awesome abilities as high-flying wrestlers, jumping off the ropes and throwing each other with masterfully executed full body throws.


Demo Diamond vs. “The Thoroughbred” Anthony Andrews 

Demo Diamond lays into “The Thoroughbred” Anthony Andrews – Photo Courtesy of the Mat War Pro Wrestling Instagram

Demo Diamond showcased a brutal side of himself and was unrelentingly bombarding Anthony Andrews with a slew of chops, throws, and blows. Anthony Andrews has been a recent addition to the Mat War Pro roster but has very much proven himself to be a tough and competent competitor amongst the Mat War Pro talent. Their feud spilled out into the crowd, were some of the loudest chops of the night echoed throughout the hall, making even my chest feel the emptiness echoing through me.

Morgan Mercy vs. Evelyn Carter

Morgan Mercy accompanied by her Manager Tiger Bruno vs debuting Evelyn Carter – Photo Courtesy of Mat War Pro Facebook Page

Evelyn Carter made her Mat War Pro Debut in a match against the “She Beast” Morgan Mercy, by coming out to the crowd and asking for… hugs? And I was immediately a fan. Evelyn was eager to “play” with Morgan, though Morgan wanted nothing to do with the play time or the hugging. Morgan most definitely found her match in Evelyn, who was tougher than anyone could’ve imagined. Evelyn even managed to get a few hugs in on Morgan in the form of grappling and chokeholds. Morgan and Evelyn impressed the crowd overall with their powerful body throws and body slams.

After the match was over, there were some whispers in the crowd pondering over what it would look like if Evelyn and Morgan became tag team partners. And I am 1000% for the idea! Something tells me Morgan needs a hug, anyways.

Angel Camacho vs. Izzy James

Angel Camacho vs. Izzy James – Photo Courtesy of the Mat War Pro Wrestling Facebook

Angel Camacho is a relentless beast who is always eager to destroy his enemies, and utterly own his competition. Izzy James is self-described as a brawler and a punk kid, and he is always the fan favorite in the Mat War Pro crowds (including myself!) The best part about this match was despite the obvious weight class difference between Izzy and Angel, they were evenly matched and giving each other no mercy. Angel is nothing short of a beast, while Izzy is known for being the Guttersnake, he certainly proved resilient under a slew of effortlessly executed throws, stomps, and chops from Camacho.

I love seeing these diverse match ups so much, it completely showcases the varied talent of wrestlers and what they can do no matter who their opponent is.

Chris Lyons vs Dimitri Alexandrov

Chris Lyons was set out in a match with the Deathmatch King of Texas, Dimitri Alexandrov. Chris is a resilient opponent who can dish out and take shots like it’s nothing. Dimitri Alexandrov made his premier with Mat War Pro during this match, with the crowd cheering for him, calling him “Deathmatch Jesus.” Chris and Dimitri fought for dominance as they grappled and tortured each other with punishing holds.

I am so eager to see if Dimitri gets to showcase his death match skills in the future with Mat War Pro. Afterall, the man proclaims he can fight a bear, so let him fight in a death match in a Mat War Pro ring!

Dimitri Alexandrov, also known as Deathmatch Jesus, debuts in Mat War Pro Wrestling – Photo Courtesy of Author


Sam Stackhouse vs. Brick Savage

Sam Stackhouse vs Brick Savage w/Hilda LaMuneca – Photo Courtesy of Mat War Pro Wrestling Facebook

2 giants went head-to-head in this tremendous match of strength. Sam Stackhouse certainly gave Brick Savage a challenging competition, while Brick lived up to his name and savagely battled his competitor. Hilda, ever at Brick’s side, was also eager to get in on the action and try to help her partner in crime win one over against the competition. Sam and Brick both showed just how capable they were of both dishing out, and taking punishment from their opponent.

Damo McCollough vs. Remedy Harris

Remedy landing a series of blows into Damo – Screenshot is courtesy of Damo McCollough Instagram @texasdamo

Damo McCollough is no stranger to adversity, and he continues to land himself in the ring with opponents who will show him no mercy. Remedy Harris has recently entered the Mat War Pro roster and has set his sights on Damo since showing up. The 2 duked it out in a battle full of powerful chops, strikes, and most certainly resulted in both parties getting some bumps and bruises. Both men gave their absolute all, holding back nothing in a battle of determination and might.

Main Event – Dante Leon vs. Dontae Smiley for the Trinity River Heritage Championship Belt

Dante Leon vs. Dontae Smiley - Photo Courtesy of Mat War Pro Instagram @matwarprowrestling

The battle between Dante Leon and Dontae Smiley was nothing short of brutal. Dante Leon was there to defend his title as Trinity River Heritage Champion, and Dontae Smiley was dead set on earning that title and belt for himself. Both men gave everything they had in this match, as it spilled out into the crowd and left both men utterly spent by the end.

Mat War Pro Wrestling and Talent Deliver as Always

Overall, Slam and Destroy II was a phenomenal showcase of just a tiny number of professional wrestling talent in Texas. It is our mission at Experience Wrestling and the Second Rope to make sure we are preserving the history of the sport and the promotions that entertain us. We also love to support these promotions by making it possible for wrestlers who entertain and delight us with their fans, both young and old, new, and seasoned. Thank you, Mat War Pro, for having us so we can share our love of professional wrestling with the attendees and fans and honor the history and contributions and histories of those before us.

Morgan Mercy graciously gave us her time to pose with the Experience Wrestling Display – Photo Courtesy of Experience Wrestling Instagram @experiencewrestling

Mark your calendars for the next Mat War Pro show on Friday July 26th, at the Southside Preservation Hall to witness Ultra Violet Dreamerz.

Make sure to stay tuned for future updates on Mat War Pro shows, and other promotions through our event page.

We hope to see you there!

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