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MPX: Texas Rumble 2024

February 3, 2024 - Metroplex Wrestling Event Center

MPX Wrestling Texas Rumble Promo Flyer

It was a sold-out show in Bedford, TX at the Metroplex Wrestling Event Center. A small crowd formed outside of the well-known building well ahead of bell time as wrestlers lined the outer walls with their merchandise. A group of men were in awe of the deal they got on a Sam Stackhouse combo while fans gossiped about current rivalries and made their predictions for the rumble.

To say that there was excitement in the air would be an understatement.

The building was packed! Fans were encouraged to become well acquainted with their neighbors to make more room for those still making their way in. I snagged myself one of the Rumble Mystery dice bags (lucky number 13) and settled into one of the best seats in the house.

There was no question what type of fan crowd we were going to have tonight. They were ready.

And the Texas Rumble 2024 Begins!

EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 MATCH 👏 felt like a main event. MPX didn’t give fans a few matches to ease them into the largest battle of the year so far. Oh no… They took you on a roller coaster ride of adrenaline from the moment the first competitor’s music came on.

Beyond having great athletes in the Barrett Brown v Mikey B v Carlos Diaz, this match has incredible performers with completely different styles of performance entertainment. The underlying motives of each wrestler were weaved into their actions in the ring and interactions with the crowd, keeping the fans vocal. Mikey B’s entourage could be heard from across the room as the Barrett Brown fans tried to drown them out. Carlos Diaz stood toe to toe with the others despite the disdain from everyone around him. I always applaud matches that can tell stories on their own, and this was one of them.

Erica Torres v Hilda. This match! The raw strength of Erica Torres was pitted against the agility & maneuverability of The Scorny’s own, Hilda. There were moves that happened faster than I could track and feats of strength displayed that likely leave many in the locker room in envy. #TeamScorny runs strong with cries for the captivating Hilda leaving a slight ring in my ears. The amount of talent and respect in the women’s division is beyond admirable, leaving a lasting impression on the young girls present.

Kari Wright and Tommy Becker are both phenomenal wrestlers, that is undeniable. In some ways, the Kari Jai Wright v Tommy Becker match was a showcase of calculated power against the element of surprise, the Paladin v the Rogue? There were enough surprises throughout the match to leave you at the edge of your seat, unsure of who would come out victorious. This match had one of the most entertaining usages of ringside performance with Nicholas Caldwell, contributing to the air of uncertainty. This ankle breaking match was a great lead into the Rumble, keeping the fans pumped and ready for anything.


“The Rumble will start at 9:20” The excitement grows as the sea of fans grab last minute merchandise and prepare for this final, lengthy episode.

My haul of merch from MPX Texas Rumble

The Texas Rumble sees 30 of MPX’s best enter the ring in a bid to main event Destiny. After the first two entrants have started the match, the 2-minute countdown begins. One of the most exciting things about the Texas Rumble are the unexpected entrants and unique ways that they avoid elimination. From the lone woman entrant, Angel Blue, and her comedic attempts to avoid unwanted attention to the insanity of the crowd when the music of Mr. Leggs blast through the speakers (I’m not a very vocal fan and even I yelled), this Rumble had everything you could ask for.

But the best part? Waiting in anticipation after every elimination for the tell-tell ringing of the “shot callers”. You could feel the groans when a save wasn’t extended for a favorite and the room swelled with happiness when someone worthy was. To give them another shot or just to enjoy watching them get eliminated again, it’s all fair when you’re a shot caller.

You can find the outcomes to the matches on the Metroplex Wrestling Facebook page or, better yet, subscribe to their twitch so you don't miss a future show.

This was an incredible show building up to Destiny at the Epic in Grand Prairie. The main event has been set, a few pots have been stirred and I can’t wait to see what Destiny has in store.  

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