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Public Resources

Looking for accessible resources for the Professional Wrestling industry? We have compiled a list of organizations and board reviewed resources that are available to the public.

Historical & Socio-Cultural Resources

Each of the organizations have been vetted by the Experience Wrestling board and have publicly accessible resources available that have been peer-reviewed or curated by an academic professional.


The Professional Wrestling Studies Association (PWSA) was established to bring together scholars and fans from around the world to discuss, analyze, and critique different aspects of professional wrestling. They offer a peer-reviewed journal, articles and an annual conference, WrestlePosium.

The Portal to Texas History

UNT has partnered with hundreds of academic institutions from across the state to preserve Texas' cultural heritage by digitizing originals, preserving and presenting online copies for the long-term. Doing so highlights hidden collections, builds statewide connections, and provides access to you, regardless of the time or your location. This portal offers a unique collection of archived TV footage, scripts and photographs related to professional wrestling.

UTA Libraries'
Digital Gallery

UTA Libraries' Special Collections (SPCO) houses over 100,000 historic images from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and other collections within UTA Libraries' Special Collection, including the Von Erich Family Collection.

Mental Wellness Resources

You Are Loved

YouAreLoved is a non-profit mental health organization dedicated to spreading awareness, breaking the stigma, presenting hope and being a beacon of love to all people living with mental health conditions. YouAreLoved exists to remind us all that even in our darkest moment ‘YouAreLoved’. 

Offering specialized mental health groups and podcasts for professional wrestling (and athletes in general), You Are Loved is an affordable resource. Email for information about You are Loved/Experience Wrestling's private Professional Wrestling Mental Wellness Facebook Community.

Recommended Books

Say Uncle!

This is a must-read for any wrestling enthusiast wanting to learn more about the origins of modern day professional wrestling. Jake Shannon provides an in-depth look at the history of catch wrestling in this incredible collection of observations and oral histories. The book relies heavily on the oral histories collected by prolific names in the industry and primary sources made available to the author (with citations). A great addition to any wrestling history collection.

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