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Show Review: SOAR Championship Wrestling's Setting the Game on Fire

Before the show

Texas temps are rising but the heat in the ring was even hotter at last night’s “Setting the Game on Fire” presented by SOAR Championship Wrestling. Held in an indoor soccer gym, this family-friendly event had every seat filled with a small group of energetic children playing in the background. This highlights one of the many reasons SOAR is the perfect place to spend an evening with family this summer, it doesn’t just boast about being family-friendly, it truly is.

The show was seamless from start to finish, keeping the fans’ attention throughout. While all the matches were entertaining there were a few that stood out as my favorites, in no particular order.

Jevonte The X-Factor Williams vs Mr. Wobble

Image courtesy of SOAR Championship Wrestling

Any SOAR show where Mr. Wobble is present you can expect the excitement to be overflowing, especially from the youth. I would be hard pressed not to want him to open every show with the way his music and actions wake up the crowd. While not the opening match of the night, this match helped put the fans in the right mood for the rest of the bouts.

Crowd engagement is where this match excelled. Where some matches focus on the technical aspects, some on the story, and others on the violence… this match was about the fans. Both wrestlers did a phenomenal job of playing up the crowd and pulling your emotions in a certain way only to pull the rug from beneath you. The moment of silence and looks of pure shock at the finish was a sign of two men pulling just the right strings.   

Barrett Brown vs AJ The Future

In slight contrast, you have this match. Barrett Brown makes my favorite match list often, always for the same reason, incredible storytelling, and AJ The Future may be one of the best complements to his storytelling style. Both individuals have an air about their characters that allow you to sit back, watch from afar, and feel connected to something bigger. Their vocality, engagement with one another, and interactions with the crowd were well balanced. Couple that with the phenomenal physicality of the pair and it makes for a high energy & emotionally touching addition to their saga.

Watching them compete makes you eager to see them meet again a year or two down the road. After they have completed other adventures and beaten other foes. What tales will they spin for us then?

As a sidenote, I must take a moment to praise Evelyn Carter! I can’t speak on incredible storytelling and character development without giving kudos to her performance. From the moment she made her appearance in the ring for the Women’s #1 Contender's Match to the moment she… departed, you were absolutely and completely enamored. Absolute show stealer!

The last match to make my fave list was all about intensity…

Dontae Smiley vs Josh Alexander #TheMainEvent

Image courtesy of SOAR Championship Wrestling

Heavy hitting would be an understatement for this match. There were several moments where you weren’t quite sure what direction things would go in, thrown off further by an unexpected feat of strength or last minute save from what many in the crowd assumed was an inescapable situation. The crowd investment in this match was inspiring, with numerous chants traveling across the ring and cries from fans for their champion. You could see the passion that both competitors had, it poured out in waves across the room.

Overall, this show was a fun way to spend the evening among a great fan community. You can tell the SOAR team love what they do and will usually find Sir Mo & Denise somewhere making a fan smile. If you want to know the outcome of the show, follow SOAR Championship Wrestling on Facebook and Instagram ! I highly recommend this promotion if you're in the Dallas area.

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