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WrestleRave X-Seven

February 17, 2024 - Houston Premier Arena

Let me begin by saying that this was my very first independent wrestling show in Houston TX. I didn't know what to expect coming out to the Houston Premier Arena but based on the promo flyers, I knew that I was in for a pretty insane time. I wasn't disappointed. #NoSpoilers

One thing I absolutely love about the Houston Premier Arena is the level of intimacy. There’s something special about the experience at smaller venues. It really didn't matter where you ended up sitting, you were guaranteed to have a good view of the action and likely become a part of it. The arena was packed for what must have been a sold-out show. One fan group in particular really helped set the tone for the night. Their entire group was ready to yell, holler and get into the face of anyone that dared to interrupt their entertainment. Literally.

We had seven matches at WrestleRave and all of them were phenomenal. There were a lot of memorable moments throughout the evening and many of them, or at least quite a few of my personal favorites, directly involved the fans in attendance. Jus Nick had the entire crowd behind him in his battle against Aaron Williams. Or should I say Nick versus “Baby Glasses”. Nick’s charisma and the way he engages with the crowd is always a marvel. His chaotic and excitable energy is contagious, making it the perfect way to start the evening. Someone recently told me that one of the hardest jobs is that of the opener. For these guys, it’s a walk in the park.

Sam Stackhouse and Low Rider kept everyone on the edge of their seats with unexpected moves and feats of strength/agility. Low Rider took advantage of his environment to maximize his potential against the much stronger opponent and a dive from nowhere left many in shock. The women’s match started off hot with powerful strikes from both parties. Alice Crowley and Hyan appeared well matched in strength as they met each other blow for blow. A versatile athlete, Hyan was a crowd favorite who adapted well to situations around her. Max Castellanos can rile up the ire of a room with just his presence while the charisma of Kenny Kalypso earns him the support of the people. Their main event match left many people talking.

With one of my favorites, the mystery scramble, you could feel the story that, at the very least, the fans had created. If there was a single entity at WrestleRave that was most hated, it would absolutely be King Arsenal, and his entourage. Haley deserves her due credit because she may have been the MVP when it came to progressing that part of their story. And then there was the Wind Dragon.

If the king is the villain of this story Dustin Nguyen is the chosen hero.

There were multiple people that drew your eye throughout the match from Tiger Pants to Suicide with their ability to maintain high levels of energy. But the entourage of King Arsenal may have stolen the spotlight… temporarily.


My matches of the night? The deathmatches!

Deathmatch Matt Locke v Hoodfoot

They warned me multiple times that I should be cautious of flying glass. How bad could it be?

I am not a death match fanatic by any means, and even I was enthralled. There were lights being thrown every which way. I held my breath as Matt Locke made snow angels in glass shards left in the center of the ring. A piece of glass covered in blood landed near my boot. Watch out for glass they said. I understand now.

Bodies being thrown, glass being shattered, chairs being broken practically into two. You could feel the intensity coming off of both men in waves. I didn't go into the match with any expectations for who would win and by the end of it, it didn’t matter. I don’t think anyone else cared either. They just wanted to see if either would survive the onslaught.

Deathmatch Dimitri v Satu Jinn

I may forever regret not getting a shot of that perfect explosion of lights breaking across the ropes of the ring.

The Matt Locke v Hoodfoot deathmatch was brutal and bloody. This match was slightly less bloody, equally brutal, and so much fun to watch. The Texas King of Deathmatches is a hell of a title to claim, and Dimitri Alexandrov showcased exactly why that title belongs to him. Lights were shattered in bulk, chairs were broken, and several doors served their final duty. No fan was safe as they made their way through the arena, clearing the area completely as they continued to try and destroy one another. There were several moments of pure awe at the amount of damage each man was capable of withstanding.

WrestleRave put on a heck of a show this weekend and set the stage for something even deadlier in the near future. If you're a fan of deathmatches, this is a great place to go.


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