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Mat War Pro Wrestling - A Hauntingly Fun Brawl at the Hall 2

Main Event Title Card for Brawl at the Hall 2 (Photo courtesy of and created by Mat War Pro Wrestling Facebook 2024)

It was a cold, dark, and rainy winter night in Fort Worth Texas. An eerie echo of stormy skies settles over the city as heavy, grey clouds cover the city in a blanket of darkness… The night approaches. But what better place to warm yourself, than at a Mat War Pro Wrestling show in Fort Worth's very own Southside Preservation Hall? Fans, and Wrestlers alike certainly kept warm in those old halls, as the crowd roared and rumbled with excitement as they watched amazing talent brawl it out in the ring.

#NoSpoilers. You can expect no spoilers from this review, but I hope that you can enjoy the ride with me as I recount the events of the night from this amazing show, Brawl at the Hall 2 with Mat War Pro Wrestling. Where “Pro Wrestling is a science; we experiment with war!”

Mat War Pro Wrestling crowds are some of the most consistent and lively that I have seen during my short stint of attendance to independent wrestling shows. In addition to the amazing talent they have, Mat War Pro Wrestling also has some incredible sponsors. To list a few, Martin House Brewery was there to provide free beer to the fans. Bee Sweet Cotton Candy is new to the party and provided a myriad of cotton candy sweets that “didn’t just melt in your mouth, it became a part of you,” as reported by my good friend, Milaun. Starry Ice Cream provided a cool and sweet treat on this night, as they always do for MatWarPro fans. We certainly needed it, as the hall was simmering hot with excitement for the night’s entertainment.

The tub of the Cherry flavored cotton candy was empty before we left for the night. (Photo Courtesy of Milaun Murry 2024)

As a fan of wrestling, and a relatively new one at that, I was just as excited as the crowd to see some match ups between some of DFW’s best wrestlers.

To name a few, we had Morgan Mercy and Helio Guerra with Tiger Bruno vs. Anarkid Ash and Corvice in an intergender tag team match.

Intergender matches are always a treat. Morgan Mercy lives up to her nickname as the ‘She Beast’, and towers over the opposition in a powerful display of dominance. A superbly talented wrestler, Morgan works best in how she manhandles’ her opponents with throws and grabs. Helio Guerra was quick and agile, and the 2 had a terrifyingly effective energy together. Anarkid Ash and Corvice with The End of the World Party took a beating in the beginning, but never gave in to their opponents barrage of blows. And the 2 stood strong against the manager Tiger Bruno and his wrestlers, making for a thoroughly engaging and evenly matched battle of the teams.

Dontae Smiley vs. Matt Locke

Dontae is pure muscle. Matt is a pure heel. And it made for a great fight. The crowd roared with energy as this two tore across the ring. We were all left breathless by the brutal beat down both men endured, as neither would give in to the exhaustion brought on through their powerful feud. The match had everyone on the edge of their seats, screaming and hollering as we felt our shared excitement move through the room and rise together in a collective synergy of pure awe. I will say for myself, I think that was my favorite match of the night, and one of the best matches I have ever seen. Period. Dontae Smiley and Matt Locke were perfectly matched for a battle, and both do great work as menacingly talented wrestlers.  

Damo vs. Brick Savage

This was one of the hardest hitting matches I have ever seen. Damo is a crowd favorite within the Mat War Pro Wrestling crowd and it’s easy to see why, but Brick Savage is a powerful force who has never once failed to live up to his namesake. The wrestlers crashed through the ring with powerful throws and chops, as they spilled out of the ring and into the crowd and continued their unrelenting battle for supremacy. The match started hard and ended in blood and bandages, with Brick Savage demolishing a vase over Damo’s head.

The moment Brick Savage busted a vase over Damo's head is captured in this shot. This was a brutally fun match to watch! (Photo courtesy of the Mat War Pro Wrestling Facebook 2024)

Dante Leon vs. Brent McKenzie for the Heritage Title Belt.

Brent McKenzie is a powerhouse, and Dante Leon undeniable stood strong against him. This was the Main Event Match, and it did not disappoint. This was one of the matches that shows just how awesome the sport of wrestling is. These men displayed levels of talent that make you realize just how incredibly hard these athletes train and prep so that they can do what they do.

After the show ended Milaun and I had the chance to meet some fans and attendees as we mingled in the wrestlers stands for merch. We ended up finding a few people who told us they were attending their first wrestling show ever! When asked if they would come back to see a show, they gave us an ecstatic, “Yes!” I think it’s safe to say, this show made some news fans of wrestling.

Mat War Pro Wrestling has a very strong card of wrestlers that consistently deliver some of the most amazing matches in DFW. I wanted to give a shout out of profound awe and gratitude to all the wrestlers who continue to come out and entertain fans of wrestling, both old and new. A few of these names include Chris Lyons, Exodus Prime, Morgan Mercy, Anarkid Ash, Brent McKenzie, Damo, and Dante Leon. These are by no means the only wrestlers who showed up last night, and in the future I will be happy to meet and learn the names of even more wrestlers who put their bodies on the line for the sake of our entertainment and for their own love of wrestling.

We look forward to the next Mat War Pro Wrestling Show at Martin House Brewery, on Friday March 23rd 2024. Mark your calendars, bring some warm clothes just in case winter is still clinging to the DFW area, and expect amazing talent at Hell’s ½ Acre 2. And maybe even a few spooks... who knows what we will encounter next?

Goodnight, and I must bid you, adieu.



Hollie here, to deliver some special behind the scenes insider knowledge…

Did you know that Southside Preservation Hall is haunted? Milaun and I experienced firsthand a terrifying encounter with some ghastly voices and figures as we tried to explore the second floor. Though Milaun was a little too spooked to investigate further, the ever-courageous wrestlers ventured out for their own spooky confrontation later in the evening. While they reported some afterlife encounters, this reporter is a little skeptical of the hauntings. But I won’t count them out entirely. With such a history, it’s surely the home to some ghosts and ghouls. I can confidently say though, as much fun as it must be to be a ghost who gets to spook wrestlers, I am sure they stick around to watch the amazing matches put on by the athletes who entertain us living fans.

Who knows, maybe our next time at Southside Preservation Hall, we will bear witness to these lingering spirits. Until then, we’ll build up our courage and prepare for future encounters with the unknown. Or a gust of wind, who knows. 😉


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