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Preserving Wrestling History: A Legacy Left Behind

Every promotion or organization has a story worth preserving. When we talk about historic preservation, we are talking about protecting and safeguarding the very existence of elements within the community. Elements, in this case professional wrestling promotions and wrestlers, that if they don't take the time to preserve themselves will become lost to history as so many before them have. It's always immensely disappointing when I hear about an awesome promotion or individual from the past but can't find any information on them anywhere. Instead, their histories sit in dusty closets or are simply gone.

You may be thinking, how can I preserve the work I do? Great question!

There are a lot of items that you can preserve that will contribute to the telling of your story to future generations. Consider partnering with a university archive or historical organization (like us!) to make the preservation process more streamlined. These entities will have digital preservation resources and appropriate space for preserving physical assets.

On an individual level, athletes can maintain a detailed record of their shows and share that with historical entities for maintenance. The inclusion of personal notes and reflections for the shows would be an insightful bonus to future generations as a unique form of oral history.

There are some practical benefits to having a set preservation plan. It can make organizational succession a smooth process, enable academic and media organizations to utilize your assets for educational and creative works, and provides you with a "visual" representation of your growth, issues and successes. In my interactions with promotion owners and wrestlers alike, very few take the opportunity to reflect on their successes. Instead, the success becomes an immediate thing of the past as they pursue the next big thing. Promotions and individuals could both benefit from regular reflection to improve their well-being. Preserving your history will make that a lot easier.

Your story, your history, the history of the promotions that run across the country. It all deserves to exist. And it deserves to exist beyond the lifespan of the individual or organization. Take a few easy steps to ensure that the incredible work being done in the professional wrestling industry isn't forgotten or overshadowed by mainstream.

Want our help preserving your history? Let us know!

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